Construction example
Usage method utilizing its superior properties
Oya stone has excellent fireproof, seismic, and moisture-proof qualities, lightweight (specific gravity 1.65) processing is easy, and it is elegant. Thus, Oya stone is used for the following purposes:

Building materials:
Warehouses, firewalls, offices, houses, stores

Incidental equipment:
Stone walls, gateposts, wall material, entrance porches, mantle pieces

Civil engineering materials:
Residential land development, stone walls of housing developments, retaining walls, river dikes, plotting, ditches

Firing material:
Bujyoyaki, Yozan stone, barn stone, ceramic pavement tiles, etc.

Please take a look at numerous examples of construction using beautiful Oya stone, which even when asserted, its charm does not become buried. Instead its ecstatic beauty is praised, harmonizing with the scenery.
Example of construction
【Public facilities, cultural facilities, stores, etc.】
Example of construction
【General houses】
Example of Tageishi construction